Make Sure Your Site Loads Fast

Make Sure Your Site Loads Fast

Patience and time are two of the precious attributes why you have to make your site easy to load. Patience because visitors do not have patience to stick with your site until your site has fully loaded. Visitors can change their mind in just a flick of a finger thus your site must load as fast as a flick of a finger to keep them from running away. Remember that they have lots of alternative sites to choose from so give them reason to consider your site? Time, on the other hand, is an essential element to everyone. Who would want delay when you can have prompt results with other websites?

What therefore, are the things to be considered? First, we have to bear in mind that not everyone has cable modem, T1 or ISDN connection to the internet. Thus, web designers must ensure that sites load as fast as possible.

Second, we have to consider the bandwidth. Avoid using multimedia forms. These sound files can take up immense bandwidth especially if they are .wav file. Videos can also be more demanding to loading a site. If it is unnecessary or there are other alternatives to multimedia, then, do not use it. If ever it is pretty important to have them in your site, limit the size ? that?s your last alternative.

Big images mean big loading problem. Aside from multimedia forms, also limit the use of huge images. In order to reduce them, use simple and smaller dimensions. You can do this by resizing or compressing your images. There are tutorials available on the Net which will guide you on how to reduce size of images without making it look grotesque and unclear.

After, resizing or compressing, you can use your images on the front page and it will be in the browser?s cache and it will load quickly on other pages when called for. Therefore, you need not worry about loading them again and again.

Defining both the length and the width of the image can also be a good alternative. In addition, it will update you on how much space it will utilize therefore saves time.

Another thing that you can do is to make your front page as short as possible so that it will not take long to load. Explanations and prolonged discussions must be put on the next pages.

After you have done these techniques, do some tests. If you are satisfied with the loading time ? better!

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